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TradeCarView has a consumer rating of 2. TradeCarView also ranks 43rd among Used Cars sites. The most common issues with TradeCarView are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers. Hello I want that you can send me car and after selling it I will pay you! Let us make this deal. Is it safe to buy car from this site because I'm trying to buy a Honda Insight I asked for the export certificate and he sent it to me in Japanese and he tell me when I pay for it he will send it in English sis that the right way.

In short no, there is no avenue in which to get your money back if you are delivered a lemon, Tradecarview accept no responsibility once the car is shipped for anything.

They don't even pretend to care, if all was above board they would take responsibility for vehicles offered on their website, they do not and that speaks volumes, the risk is not worth it, pay a bit more and shop at home at least you have consumer protection that way. Hope that helped you in your decision making.

Do not take the risk, you could get better odds at the casino. Because they are out to scam money for want of a better word. In all honesty your best bet is to go to japan buy one from a auction house and ship it to your home country. Tradecarview is, I believe a genuine attempt to create a one stop shop for overseas purchasers of Japanese used car stock. The organisation is well set up and genuine and features a comprehensive range of services for the buyer.

However, any system is only as good as its weakest link, which in this case is the poor customer focus associated with the individual dealers from whom cars are sourced. If you have any kind of problem with your supplying dealer, Tradecar view are powerless to intervene, and it can take months to resolve even the most straightforward of issues - as in my case.


If you have paid out money to tradecarview you effectively lose any control until such time as the dealer decides to release it. The system is genuine, but not for the fainthearted or novice. Caveat Emptor!! Through these networks, carview provides competitive information on Japanese used cars Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional - e.

TradeCarView Is this your business?Search All from StockHelp Top. FOB is the price of the car in the country of origin without shipping charges and insurance to your destination. To calculate the price of the car with shipping cost and insurance, please select calculate from "Estimated Total Price". Search by Car registration year. Please note that: Import regulation in some countries refers to the year the car was manufactured.

If the manufacture year is required, please confirm with the seller. Search by Accident Cars. The car has had major accident damage, and has NOT been repaired yet. Search for nearly brand new cars. It is considered as used car, but it has never been used. Toyota is the largest car manufacturer and the largest company in Japan.

However, sales in was just a small difference. In GM, it was 8. Moreover, Volkswagen ranked as the third largestaims to overtake Toyota in the time ofand produce the scale of 10 million units. Because Toyota has Daihatsu in its group company, Toyota do not produce mini vehicles. Please use a registered insurance company in Kenya. Please use a registered insurance company in Tanzania.

If you do not have a login ID, please register for free first. Your ID and Password do not match. A Log-in Seal is a unique text that you select to help protect your account from phishing websites. Phishing fraudulent websites imitate legitimate websites. These websites are designed to steal your password and your personal information. After creating a Text Log-in Seal for your computer, you can make sure you're on the legitimate tc-v.

Simply check whether the customized text is displayed on the tc-v. If you do not see it, you may have accessed a fake TCV site. Register FREE.Search All from StockHelp Top. Terms of Member's ID Agreement. Registration Failed. What Should I Do? Please check the error message and follow the corresponding instruction below. The email address you entered has already been registered. Please refer to the instruction of " I forgot the password " to retrieve the password.

Contact Us. Why Can't I Login? Please wait 1 hour before retrying or deleting the cookies saved in your browser and try logging in again. It seems that both or either of your log in ID and password is not correct. Please be noted that both log in ID and password are case-sensitive upper and lowercase letters are distinguished. Please check the following setting on your computer. Is the clock on your computer correctly set?

Did you disable cookies on your web browser? Do you have your windows firewall set properly to allow TCV? What Can I Do? I Forgot Password. How Can I Retrieve It? How Do I Change Password? What is "Log-in Seal"? The Log-in Seal is a unique text that you may set up to help protecting your account from phishing websites. Phishing fraudulent websites imitate legitimate websites in order to obtain your password and personal information. You may check whether the customized text is displayed when you log in.

If you do not see the correct text same as you set up, you might have accessed to a fake TCV site. In case you would like to stop receiving TCV newsletter, please follow the steps below:. Please note that you may receive a few newsletters even after you unsubscribe the newsletter, until your email address is completely deleted from our system. How Can I Withdraw Membership?


In case you would like to withdraw from membership, please follow the steps below:. NOTE: All the data connected to your account will be deleted permanently. When our system cannot caluculate estimated ocean freight to the selected port of destination, the total price will be displayed as "ASK".


This happens mostly because the seller has not set the ocean freight to your port of destination. In this case, please make an inquiry to the seller and ask for the exact total price including ocean freight.

Make an Inquiry.Search All from StockHelp Top. Other Country Page. How can I find the best used car website? When you importing used carsome people might face a challenge of receiving totally different unit, payed for a unit but never reach to your country or even having problem importing unit.

What points do we need to check before buying used cars? Before buying used carmost of people pay attention to the price and mileage. However you should also check the condition of the unit as well. You must also check the import restrictions before you choose the car.

For more information about restrictions, please check Local Navigation Page. What is the best used car to buy?


It depends on which points you care about the most. For example, your budget, usage and so on. Why not click the below link to see which car is popular in your country. Or if you could not find or decide you can always contact our customer support team. We will look your best car from our 90, stocks that are listed in our website. What is the best way to pay for a used car? We do not accept other payment methods as Credit Card.

You can see whether the transaction is protected by checking the payment recipient name on your Invoice. If the recipient name is "TCV Corporation", your transactions is protected.

All Invoices issued by TCV system is genuine. You can feel safe and the payment process is secured. What is the differences between FOB Price and total cost? TCV provides a safer way to send money without worrying about overseas transaction.

Read more. Our Customer Protection covers your purchase from click to delivery. Download the app and get the world of TCV at your fingertips.How to disable compatibility view Open Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools menu (you may have to press Alt to bring up the menu). If the Compatibility View box is checked, click to remove checkmark. Select Compatibility View Settings.

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Example: "fields": "(window Price -2 0)" label optional Label of the new field. – Used Japanese Cars

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