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Cortex by Superchips is the hand held vehicle programmer and diagnostic tool your mother warned you about. It's wicked and mean, and if you're not ready for seat-cover-sucking power, then turn tail and run.

Simply stated, Cortex from Superchips is the meanest street-legal programmer you can buy with an industry-first two-year powertrain warranty. Check out Cortex which includes multiple tunes with dyno-proven power and advanced data acquisition. Cortex is also the only programmer on the market that comes with an industry exclusive two-year vehicle powertrain warranty.

Cortex Performance Programmer by Superchips User manual. Cortex pumps up the performance by as much as lbs. That's more torque than your neighbor's wimpy Kia makes in total. And the engineers at Superchips give you more power throughout the driving range, not just at wide-open throttle like some of the wannabees. Superchips is so confident you will be satisfied with the Cortex that they guarantee it!

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied within 30 days after your purchase of a new Superchips Cortex "Product"you may return it to the place you bought it for a full refund of the purchase price. This Guarantee does not apply to Products purchased from auctions nor does it apply to Products purchased used. Follow these procedures to get your refund or replacement.

In addition to brain-numbing power increases, Cortex lets you adjust transmission shifts, move the engine rev limiter and change the speedometer calibration. Cortex as shipped supports programming a single vehicle. However, by design, Cortex units can be Internet Updated to support additional vehicles. As a result, custom tuning is not expected to be offered.

Each Cortex unit is loaded at the factory with massive tuning databases meant to provide extremely broad vehicle coverage. Needs Update status occurs when Cortex does not have the necessary tuning files to program a vehicle.

Just follow the Internet Update steps to get what you need. If files are ready you get them immediately; otherwise you will receive an e-mail as soon as they're available. Please run Internet Update on your Cortex.

superchips cortex hp gains

A "Standard Update" gives you the latest Cortex operating software and tuning for your vehicle. If available, "Data Acquisition" packages do this too, but also have special valued added features only Superchips supports - read each package to know what's right for you.

NOTE: All Superchips Cortex tuning products for diesel-fueled vehicles are Not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles. Cortex Performance Programmer By Superchips.Looking for maximum potential and F performance tuning and monitoring device for your F?

The all-new performance programmer offers multiple performance tunes for specifically developed for towing, mileage, and all-out performance. The capacitive-touch, on-dash monitor includes extensive F-series truck coverage. It offers innovative features like Wi-Fi, multiple vehicle license options and the ability to load custom tunes using DiabloSport CMR software.

Tire and wheel upgrades are very common on F trucks and Superchips offers the easiest, most cost effective solution for F truck owners looking to correct their speedometer for aftermarket upgrades. Flashcal for Truck PN is a very popular entry level product among F owners designed for those just accessorizing their ride.

No more guess work as you pass the state trooper! Drive with the assurance provided by Flashcal for your F truck….

superchips cortex hp gains

Superchips offers the easiest most cost effective solution to your F performance needs with our latest Flashpaq handheld tuner. With the ability to add up to an additional 80HP depending on model year the Flashpaq tuner has been specifically calibrated to enhance your driving experience.

Flashpaq offers the ability to re-calibrate for tire and gear changes, check and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes, adjust transmission strategies, and more. Powered off your vehicles OBD-II port diagnostic plug under the dash the Dashpaq is pre-loaded with custom tunes designed specifically for your Ford 3. Configure your vehicle to review features available for your particular Ford. In addition to specific files for performance, towing, and fuel economy Superchips Dashpaq serves as a diagnostic scan tool to read and clear trouble codes.

Adjust your speedometer for aftermarket tires and gear swaps as well. The Powerpaq from Superchips provides maximum F performance to owners looking for the most from their trucks. Enhance your driving experience with our Stage 1 Powerpaq performance tuning and cold air intake combinations.

Those of you towing will appreciate the low-end torque while benefiting from the cooler denser air from our aftermarket intake. Everyone will appreciate improved fuel economy from these combos as well. Our Stage 1 kits, offer a trusted performance tuning solution bundled with a quality cold-air-intake designed with longevity and value in mind.

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Consider adding a cold air intake for your F Improving airflow is made easy with the Jammer cold air intake. Your factory airbox could be limiting the amount of cool air delivered to your engine. The Jammer can be installed individually and pairs very well with both the Flashpaq and Dashpaq tuners outlined above.

Superchips is pleased to have partnered with Hooker to offer premium exhaust systems for the Ford F A brand that continues to push the boundaries of performance, the BlackHeart line of exhaust products includes both single and dual exit cat-back systems. F Speedometer Calibration for F Trucks. Adding a Performance Upgrade to Your F Performance Programmers for Ford F Jammer Cold Air Intakes for FApplications and Max Power Gains. This is probably the best starting point for most enthusiasts.

Electronic performance modifications, such as the Superchips, are by far the most common performance part we sell, and one of the easiest to install.

These products create the most noticeable difference in power gains, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. Experts are available via E-mailPhone or LiveChat Found on the bottom right hand corer of our website. This allows XDP to offer you a more personalized response to your question as well as an open channel for further questions and conversation. Have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best price guaranteed by shopping with XDP.

Help Desk. Shop All. My Account Access My Garage. View All. USD Part : SC See New Part SC Additional Processing Time Required. Add To My Build List.

Authorized Dealer. We would like you to shop with confidence knowing your purchase is covered by the manufactures warranty. Ty California March 31st, Anonymous Unknown March 22nd, CV Houston February 17th, Overall Rating. Email Address will not be made public. Send me an email if my review is approved. Customer Photos See what others built Submit your photo. Ask XDP. Most Popular Questions Getting about 8 miles to the gallon, what will your tuner do for me? View Staff Answer. I want to upgrade my completely stock '99 F 4wd superduty.

Is this product a reasonable starting point?

Ford F-150 Performance Upgrades

This truck pulls heavily loaded trailer over long highway distances. Answer This is probably the best starting point for most enthusiasts. Will this work on my mustang gt? I don't see it on the applications and power gains chart. Superchips F4 Flashpaq Tuner. View Details.New posts Latest activity Log in Register. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New articles New article comments New profile posts Latest activity New classifieds items New classifieds comments.

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Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Ca Sean Start date Aug 20, Ca Sean Well-Known Member. Joined Dec 19, Messages Reaction score 0. Selling my used Cortex handheld tuner. I just recently sold the SS and had to put the cat back on my Duramax, so I no longer have a need for it.

The power gains from the 91 perf tune were very impressive. Tuner is not VIN locked. Includes all original paper work, USB cable and box. Paypal only. Or we can meet and swap. Buick 08 LaCrosse Super 5. Ivan Dan Well-Known Member.

Superchips Cortex 2950 Tuner GM gas/diesel vehicles

Joined Sep 29, Messages 3, Reaction score Wonder if it works for 09 Silverado 6. I see 08 on the list but not What did you replace the HHR with????? Ivan Dan said:. Ca Sean said:. Sorry Dan I just saw your post.Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Gas: Tuner Shootout. Diesel Power Magazine how to. One of the most useful innovations to the modern automobile was the implementation of second-generation onboard diagnostics OBD-II in the '96 model year.

A small plug under the dash of all vehicles allows us to interface with the vehicle's computers and monitor the powertrain in ways a mechanic in the '80s could only dream of. Now, we can pinpoint problems and be well on the way to a solution without even opening the hood. More importantly to the enthusiast, the addition of OBD-II opens up a whole new round of almost instantaneous performance enhancements, once again with hands clean, and the hood still closed.

Dozens of aftermarket companies have created tuners designed to eliminate many of the compromised settings dialed in by the vehicle manufacturer. Horsepower gains are often immediately felt, but that's only half the story. Now you can also modify or eliminate the rev-limiter on the engine, tighten shift points in the transmission, and adjust your speedometer to compensate for that new set of taller tires. Originally, tuners were designed for specific vehicles and retailers who had to have dozens of units on hand.

Thankfully, technology keeps making it easier, and Superchips' new Cortex tuner has made it even easier. With the Cortex you can upgrade your Dodge, Ford, or GM diesel work truck during the week with an additional hp and lb-ft of torque.

At the end of the week, you can return the truck to stock, and using the same Cortex, upgrade your Charger, Mustang, or Camaro for the weekend drag races. Then on Monday morning, you can return your car to stock and reprogram the truck in a matter of minutes.

Horsepower gains are said to vary with the make and model, but the Superchips website will give you a close approximation of what you can expect.

In addition to adding horsepower, the Cortex has a data logging function that provides real-time information on functions like engine, transmission, exhaust gas temperature, boost, top speed, and 0-to acceleration times. Superchips even has a prototype bracket in the works that will hold the programmer on your windshield or dash, eliminating the need for an additional gauge package.

To benefit from the latest changes, Superchips says that its Cortex programmers can be updated for free using the Internet, and the Cortex tuner carries an industry-exclusive, two-year limited powertrain warranty that covers your '08 vehicle. Fuel Economy Test While increases in horsepower and towing capacity are important to the diesel enthusiast, it's not the end of our story.

Fuel economy is another of diesel's benefits that's important in today's economy. Superchips reported to us that it had just finished a fuel economy test using its Cortex tuner. Working together, Superchips and the Richard Petty Driving Experience conducted a mileage study that monitored a fleet of Dodge trucks, each hauling trailers loaded with a NASCAR vehicle and delivering them to races and promotional sites around the country.

How did they do that? Superchips told us that the extra horsepower and torque typically found using one of its settings allowed the tuned truck to remain in top gear while the stock trucks were forced to downshift repeatedly.Great customer service! When you think of top quality tuning products, no doubt you think of Superchips first. And the Superchips Cortex Tune r is the top of the line performance tuner from Superchips.

This includes three best in class power tunes, tire and gear size re-calibration, as well as transmission optimization features such as shift firmness, rev limiter, speed limiter and more. But unlike the Superchips Flashpaq, the Superchips Cortex also lets you view all kinds of stats, like how fast you vehicle is smokin down the quarter mile. Did you end up getting money back from Uncle Sam this year? Is that money burning a hole in your pocket and you're looking for performance?

superchips cortex hp gains

Superchips has announced Cortex Coverage for the Chevy Camaro with the 6. Superchips Cortex tuning for Chevy Camaro 6. The Superchips Cortex performance tune provides enhanced throttle response and shift adjustments, optimized shift firmness, raise rev limiter and noticeable drivability improvements. The gains are substantial with the Superchips Octane performance tune gaining up to 24 max horsepower and 34 lb-ft of max torque when properly equipped and three transmission settings Mild, Wild and Extreme.

The Superchips Cortex performance tunes provide enhanced throttle response and noticeable drivability improvements. The gains with the Superchips Octane performance tune serves up to The Octane performance tune for the Mustang 3.

The gains are substantial with the Superchips Octane performance tune. The Ford Expedition gains up to 37 max horsepower and 50 lb-ft of max torque while the Lincoln Navigator gains up to 38 max horsepower and 57 lb-ft of max torque when properly equipped.

Advanced features include the ability to raise the speed limiter, calibrate for axle ratio and tire size changes, WOT restriction options, change fan temp settings and options to fine tune shift points and firmness in the automatic transmission. Superchips has announced the "Summer Savings" rebate program.

This program applies to purchases made between July 1st and August 31st ofand is available for US and Canadian Customers only.

2009-2010 F150 4.6L SuperChips Flashpaq F5 Tuner Review & Dyno

Superchips Inc is proud to announce coverage of the 6. This exciting new option for these performance trucks is available in the Superchips Cortex part number Superchips has announced the release of the highly anticipated Ford Raptor SVT to its list of impressive tuning options. This new tuning will be available in the Ford Gas Cortex part numberand it will deliver Superchips tuning for impressive horsepower and torque, as well as improved drivability and performance.

The Superchips Cortex for the Raptors application will include two available performance tunes, as well as a towing tune for heavy load applications. The Raptors tuning offers many advanced features, and will work with most aftermarket exhaust and cold air intakes. This new Superchips Cortex performance tune provides enhanced throttle response and shift adjustments, as well as optimized shift firmness.

The gains for the Ford Raptor SVT are substantial with the Superchips Octane performance tune, which creates up to 33 hp and 36 lb-ft of torque. The Superchips Cortex will even create a gain of 28 hp and 31 lbs of torque for the Ford Raptor SVT with the available Octane performance tune.

Owners of the Ford Raptor SVT can use their new Superchips Cortex for advanced features such as calibrating for tire heights from 28" to 38", calibrating for axle gears from 3.

superchips cortex hp gains

Cortex also includes an exclusive limited 2-year powertrain warranty. Superchips has the number one engine and model coverage in the industry, and offer a complete line of hand-held programmers for most late-model cars, trucks, and SUVs including: Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Infiniti and Jeep.

All Superchips programmers are available at VehicleProgrammers. Yes, the Cortex from Superchips has everything you will need to program your vehicle.Be sure to enter the contest for your chance to win passes.

The final drawing is August 31, Check out these two reviews pulled from the Superchips Forum. I was very surprised at the results. Factory Stock avg mpg.

Now, setting the cortex in 87 octane mode around town and an amazing on highway no heavy loads. The extra power is very nice and seems to work in well with my intake and exhaust, but best of all is how it imporved my shifting pattern.

I put in the 87 octane tune, selected correct tire size and selected the superchips torque managment option. Big difference, the truck does not upshift when going up hills anymore. It now shifts properly and smoothy. The power is always there now as well no matter what rpm. Cant wait to try the tow tune with the camper. Well worth the money. August 4, Categories: Reviews. Author: Andrew Bernhardt. Comments: Leave a comment. I couldnt wait to test this thing out. The Cortex really works well, the shift are strong and fast.

I took the Escalade up to with the chip. It also makes the truck sound louder. This superchip really makes a big difference! Instructions are few but the programmer operates itself almost. I went to Superchips to download their package to do updates to the Cortex. Went to tune my 6.